Here at Furusawa Japanese Language Academy, we believe that we are an institute which uses the appropriate way of teaching Japanese language with the combination of both Japanese and Indian faculty. We are confident that once you go out for 就職活動 (shuushoku katsudou, translated : Job-hunting), you will have little to no problem to become gainfully employeed as we like to focus on teaching Japanese while making you adept at communicating in Japanese language.

授業目標(jugyou mokuhyou, translated : objective of the lesson)is a salient feature of our institute which plays an important role as to let you know what is being taught to you and how to use it properly. We believe that the process of learning goes hand in hand with knowing exactly how and where should you implement what you have learned in order to fasten the process of learning and maximize your potential.

“Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.”

– Lao Tsu

We like to keep our batches with small number of students as we believe that it is essential to put individual attention on each student that we have. By doing this, we enhance the quality of learning and create a better environment for communication between the students and the teacher.

We have Indian teachers to explain the students in their native language and to make them understand the grammar meticulously. We also have a Japanese teacher so that the students can experience what it is like to speak to a Japanese person. It will not only make it easier for the students to get more motivated to study, but it will also help the students to grasp the correct pronunciation and to know how to use the vocabulary appropriately.

We also assist our students to get a job in Japan, as well as in India. We can provide plenty of opportunities for people who are programmers/software engineers as there is a huge demand of people in Japan coming from the IT background and can communicate in Japanese.

Our primary motive is not only to up skill your Japanese, but also to introduce you to the Japanese culture so that you will not feel alienated and be fine when you go to Japan or when you join Japanese Multinational Companies. We believe that one cannot fully study a language without studying its culture as well.

We also offer:

  • Practical training with Japanese citizens.
  • Study opportunities in Japan.
  • Japanese and Indian faculity lectures.
  • Scholarship opportunity in Japan.
  • International guest faculties lectures.
  • Participation in Exhibitions and contests.
  • Opportunity of touring with Japanese tourists.

Speaking: Be able to answer questions about oneself. Be able to hold conversations in limited everyday situations.
Writing: Be able to properly write Hiragana and Katakana. Be able to understand approximately 200 Kanji characters.
Listening: Be able to understand daily life situations when spoken to at a slower speed and using simple words.
Reading: Be able to comprehend written articles of around 200 characters regarding daily life themes.
Composition: Be able to write a simple composition using basic expressions.

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