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Japanese Language Course in Delhi

Learning Japanese language has once again become relevant and our leading Japanese language training institute is a furusawaacademy in providing the training and required proficiency that will enable the students to crack JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). The training is provided by highly experienced instructors who have helped many pass the proficiency test with flying colours. Apart from the highly qualified instructors and trainers, the atmosphere that the students find here is congenial for mastering Japanese and Courses. You start with the basics and we will guide to the advance level of the language and you will learn even the most complex concepts in the easiest manner. The best part of the course is that along with the language training, students are also given insight on the mannerism, culture, business etiquettes and corporate manners observed in Japan.

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Japanese-Language Education Overseas

Languages offers the best Japanese language course in Delhi. You can learn Japanese under the guidance of native trainers. Our course curriculum is best designed for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Economic ties between Japan and India are solidifying with each passing day, so there is no dearth of jobs for people who have proficiency in Japanese.


Japanese Grammar is relatively quite simple when it comes to gender articles and the distinction between plural and singular. The conjugation rules are simple and free of exception in verbs and adjectives. Nouns are not bending away, but they appear almost the same.


Japanese knows very few sounds and pronunciation in comparison to other languages, which gives some problems to many learners. Getting the Japanese accents is the most difficult, but relatively much lower than Chinese.

Levels of Speech

There are different levels of speech while talking to any senior or unknown person, as opposed to talking to a child or a close friend or a family member. We encourage every student and help them learn the new language in a fun way. During the program, you will get many opportunities to learn by attending various workshops, plays, etc. Our instructors have designed the course structure in such a way wherein you can learn the grammar, including parts of speech such as pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions, etc. You’ll also be taught to make sentences, utter greetings, read out numbers, and a lot more.

  • Practical training with Japanese citizens
  • Study opportunities in Japan
  • Japanese and Indian faculity lectures
  • Scholarship opportunity in Japan
  • International guest faculties lectures
  • Participation in Exhibitions and contests
  • Opportunity of touring with Japanese tourists

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