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We provide by far the most flexible method of payment for private language lessons which is we call the “pay-and-go” system. You simply have to pay the teacher after the lesson. The objectives of this system are:

Relaxed Learning – No need to commit to a course if you don’t feel like it.

No Intial Outlay – You pay what you have.

Flexiblility – Your teacher needs 24 hours of notice before cancellation, but that’s all.

Simplicity – Your deal directly with your teacher.

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We are here from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm every day of the week for your assistance and back-up. We will answer the emails as soon as possible.

If your lessons are going well and you wish to commit to a course, please contact us!

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Skill-building Partner for Japanese Language and Intercultural Trainings

Furusawa japanese laungage academy is a first of its kind Corporate Initiative which brings together the best of Industry Experience and Academic Excellence under one roof. Furusawa japanese language academy unique Initiative will serve as a Gateway for those who want to explore various avenues in the field of Japanese and make their career in IT through our Specialized Trainings, Employment Opportunities and Placement Support.
Why Small Batches?
Small Batches are necessary for individual attion. Teacher is able to communicate better with students. Teacher can take care of each student whether He/She has understood what is taught in the class or not.
Indian teacher knows to explain the students in their language and to make then understand the grammar well.
It makes everyone to not only understand the correct pronunciation but also to use the vocabulary in correct manner. While learning the language, one will indeed develop good communication skills.
We are the only one in the city who is using the best way of teaching Japanese Language in the combination of Japanese and Indian Faculty. IN the way ,We are very confident that once you go for Job interview you will be successful to get a good salary because you could easily communicating in Japanese Language. We also assist too to teach the language but also to introduce the culture…. So you will the very comfortable once you join Japanese Multinational Companies.



We present basic Japanese vocabulary and grammar to help you to get into learning Japanese language. We have carefully selected the important vocabulary such as nouns, adjectives, verbs which are required to speak Japanese in daily-life situations.


Apply for Intermediate Japanese once you have grasped the basics. This course will enhance your Japanese to the next level as it features more vocabulary and grammar. This course is enough to get you to travel Japan without any problem and communicate with Japanese citizens


This course is for applicants having the knowledge of Japanese language equivalent to JLPT N4 or the applicants who have cleared our Intermediate Japanese language course. The goal of this course is to make you become able to talk about various topics in depth with Japanese citizens.

1. A solid grasp of the Japanese language
◆We offer supplementary lessons customized for your characteristics and progress
◆In addition to class time, we also offer preparation courses for EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) and JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), and courses on business conversation and business practices to help you find a job in Japan.

2. Individualized career guidance
◆We offer career guidance
◆We offer tours of Japanese companies and universities, tours of vocational schools, and opportunity to communicate with students
◆Host matching event with companies that hire foreigners

3. Scholarship and support for living in Japan
◆Campus scholarship (need-based financial aid selected based on attendance, grades, classroom participation, and written statement)

4. Comprehensive availability for student dormitory
◆We own many student-oriented apartments near the school. We can help you find a dormitory. We also own many properties where you can share a room with others.

5. Opportunities for international communication
◆We offer ”Japanese Culture Courses” including flower arrangement and dressing
◆We offer fulfilling extracurricular activities from time to time Practical training with Japanese citizens Study opportunities in Japan Japanese and Indian facility lectures Scholarship opportunity in Japan International guest faculties lectures Participation in Exhibitions and contests Opportunity of touring with Japanese tourists

100% employment rate of our students attempted for N3

We are proud to announce that all our students who has attempted for JLPT N3 this year has already got employment. We have come into an understanding with a Japanese company who has provided our students the golden opportunity of internship in their esteemed company i.e., to help them gain the necessary experience for their growth in career.

Reason why we are different from others:

Our teaching method is unique and easy to grasp with the combination teaching techniques of our Japanese and Indian teachers. Our teachers are not only well experienced but have their own speciality when it comes to teaching Japanese. Our batches are small with a maximum of 15 students per batch which helps our teachers to pay better attention to every single student present. Our teaching style is unique as compared to other institutes because we understand the need of the students of making their strong in language. A few people has criticized our method but we believe in us and we know that a new approach towards teaching is a bold move and isn’t well accepted by others. But every student of our institute supports our teaching techniques and is accepting this new approach. Maybe that’s the reason why no student of our has ever left us (Exceptions are always there). It hasn’t been an year yet and our family has grown to become of more than hundreds of students.

Our Teachers

Sena Sensei –
Sena Sensei is not only the owner of the institute but also a wonderful teacher with a kind personality. She’s a native Japanese speaker and loves to interact with our students. The students taught by her are used to speaking Japanese fluently because of interacting with her on regular basis.
Naresh Sensei is a remarkable teacher of kanji teaching and grammar. He takes it upon himself to teach the students kanjis personally rather than letting them do it on their own which not only leads to a habit of practising and learning kanji but results in the better understanding of how and why the kanji holds it meaning. As for the grammar, he focuses on both the minor and major details which leads to better understanding of the sentence patterns.
Gagan Sensei is a teacher who is well versed in speaking Japanese and applying the grammar patterns learnt in class with the students. She is a remarkable teacher who helps the students overcome their hesitation of speaking Japanese.
Both are well liked by all of our students as they help the students in making their foundation in Japanese language. They both teach students of beginner level and it has been recorded that the students taught by these two have showed wonderful results in their JLPT exams. We have a number of native Japanese speakers for our Kaiwa (Conversation) classes and this facility isn’t only limited for students of our own institutes but also for the students from other who hopes to improve their communication skills. And are also providing Japanese teachers for the beginner level students so that they can get used to Japanese language as well as can improve their pronunciation. It is our aim to give our best to support our students not only during their studies but to help them get employment as well. We don’t ask you to believe us but we recommend you to ask any student of ours about their experience here. We strongly ask our students to provide their honest opinion towards our techniques as well as about our conductance towards the language teaching. We have recently came across criticism from people who haven’t even saw how we conduct our institute and our approach towards teaching. There’s a saying that “Criticism is the price of ambition”. We will keep on moving forward for the betterment of our students.

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Level & Abilities



JLPT N5 will be CRACKED! A student is able to read listen and recognize each word given in JLPT N5 so that the exam is easily cracked This course enables one to frame basic sentences. Hiragana, katakana, and 110 kanji are understood. He can communicate on a fundamental level.



This is the continuation of N5. After this course, one is able to read and understand passages on familiar daily topics written in basic vocabulary and KANJI. One is able to generally follow the contents of Japanese sentences, provided that they are spoken slowly. He can communicate on a basic level.



One is able to read and understand written materials with specific contents concerning everyday topics. Also, one is also able to read slightly difficult writings encountered in everyday situations and understand the main points of the content if some alternative phrases are available to aid one’s understanding. This course It enhances the communication level which helps in getting a starting job in Japanese companies.

Furusawa Academy


This course helps one to be able to read written materials on general topics and follow their narratives as well as understand the intent of the writers. One is able to comprehend orally presented materials such as coherent conversations and news reports, spoken at nearly natural speed in everyday situations as well as in a variety of settings. It completes the communication level sufficient to get a highly paid job in Japanese companies and in Japan.



One is able to read Japanese writings with logical complexity and/or abstract writings on a variety of topics, such as newspaper editorials and critiques, coherent conversations, news reports and lectures, spoken at natural speed in a broad variety of settings, and is able to follow their ideas and comprehend both their structures and contents comprehensively. One is also able to understand the details of the presented materials such as the relationships among the people involved the logical structures, and the essential points. It completes the communication level sufficient to get a highly paid job in Japanese companies and in Japan.

Our Students

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